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Body Essentials Fitness

When we were approached by Body Essentials they had already tried a great deal of other off the shelf applications. In fact to get everything dialed in the way they wanted they had to leverage 3 different subscription based applications. This type of juggling wasn’t maintainable especially as you’re traveling from customer to customer.

We spent a long time with them during the research phase to truly understand what they were looking for. The application had to obviously be secure, but it also had to be fast, and still be so even if it was out of cellular service. The data needed to be exportable, and also viewable in tabular form as well as in charts.

By creating the consolidated app Body Essentials estimated that they’re saving roughly 2-3 hours a day in prep work, and about the same amount of time at the end of the month during reconciliation time.

Body Essentials Fitness
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